Over the past 15 years, I've been surprised at an increasing portion of the voting public that votes against its own interests. Left or right doesn't matter much to me. The important part is that voters know what they're voting for.

Just the ability to vote isn't democracy. A voter must also have unfiltered information, and a range of voting choices that hasn't been pre-limited. What's that mean? Use the analogy of driving a car. 

If you drive with blinders on, you can see straight-ahead perfectly. At an intersection, the coast might look clear, but as you enter the intersection you could get T-boned by a car you never saw. You need ALL the information to make a valid choice. 

If you want to go from point A to point B in your car, you can only do it if roads have been created between those points. In this way, your choices have been pre-limited. Getting to where you want to go can seem impossible.

Our media outlets increasingly have an agenda. They can filter information, and sometimes deliberately mislead the public about issues (climate change, money in politics, income inequality, threats to the US). Wealthy political action groups can prevent the government from allowing access to information voters should have, or can promote political decisions that hurt the majority of Americans.

Elder Statements is my attempt to show information that's public, but difficult to find. Whatever you think about federal agencies like the IRS, FBI, ATF, CDC, Census Bureau, etc, they do the most thorough, accurate job of logging facts about the US past and present. Anyone can see them if they take the time. I want to shorten the time you search for it.

In Elder Statements:

I'll use original sources, and tell you where to find them, so you can check my facts. I will use no blogs, minimal news sites, and few organization sites or other sources that could have pre-limited the facts.

I'll show ALL the data available, and point out patterns in the data that you can see for yourself. Sources for my information are given in the articles in the form of links or citations.

My agenda is to help myself and others make educated decisions about voting, instead of depending on the most commonly-followed, biased sources.

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