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1. American Media:  How it has changed in the last 40 years      Published 4/17

     Appendix: FCC Channel List

2. Polarization Causes in America: Money, Taxes, Wealth, Income Published 2/17

3. Causes of US Debt: Wars, taxes, recession, trickle-down economics   Published 3/17

4. US Economic Data: Which presidents have been best for the GDP,   US Debt, Wage Growth and Unemployment Rates since 1963? Published 6/19

    GDP and Debt Data

   Wage Growth Data

   Unemployment Data

 5. FBI, CDC, Census and ATF Facts About Guns and Crime in America Published 4/17

     Appendix 5A: % Homes With a Gun

     Appendix 5B: US Firearm Sales

     Appendix 5C: Murder by Weapon

     Appendix 5D: Victims by Relationship

     Appendix 5E: Suicide by Firearm

     Appendix 5F: Justifiable Homicide

     Appendix 5G: Gun Death Types

     Appendix 5H: % Stranger Deaths

     Appendix 5I: Gun Ownership vs Murder Rate by State

6. Voters: Apathy, suppression, ignorance, exhaustion   TBA

7. Power from the People: Electoral college, gerrymandering  TBA

8. What corporations really want  TBA