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1. American Media:  How it has changed in the last 40 years

     Appendix: FCC Channel List

2. Polarization Causes in America: Money, Taxes, Wealth, Income

3. Causes of US Debt: Wars, taxes, recession, trickle-down econ

4. US Economic Data: Which presidents have been best for the GDP,   US Debt, Wage Growth and Unemployment Rates since 1963?

    GDP and Debt Data

   Wage Growth Data

   Unemployment Data

 5. FBI, CDC, Census and ATF Facts About Guns and Crime in America 

     Appendix 5A: % Homes With a Gun

     Appendix 5B: US Firearm Sales

     Appendix 5C: Murder by Weapon

     Appendix 5D: Victims by Relationship

     Appendix 5E: Suicide by Firearm

     Appendix 5F: Justifiable Homicide

     Appendix 5G: Gun Death Types

     Appendix 5H: % Stranger Deaths

     Appendix 5I: Gun Ownership vs Murder Rate by State

6. Voters: Apathy, suppression, ignorance, exhaustion   TBA

7. Power from the People: Electoral college, gerrymandering  TBA

8. What corporations really want  TBA